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Dr. Kerry Gilbert - Welcome to Richland Animal Hospital!

COMPASSION always comes first. We offer full veterinary care; internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, dental prophy cleaning, radiography, and a full in-house laboratory. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, honest and caring.

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Dr. Ruey Stocking - Healthy, Happy Checkup

Sign up now for our Healthy, Happy Checkup to keep your cat and dog in peak condition and your worries at bay.

Dr. Stocking will check vital health indicators for your dog and cat in the caring manner that makes Richland Animal Hospital unique.

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Come play with us at Daycare!

While you’re away, does your dog bark to beat the band, dig trenches in your yard or shred nice furnishings? Maybe they want to play at Richland Animal Hospital Playcare instead!

No reservation necessary. Come play with us!

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Customized Boarding

With everything under one roof, care is uncomplicated. Richland Animal Hospital gives priceless peace of mind.

May we individualize your cat or dog's stay with a condo and play?

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Top-Notch Veterinary Care

Richland Animal Hospital offers an array of medical, dental, surgical and pharmacological services in their state-of the art veterinary hospital.

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Full Service Animal Hospital - Dog & Cat Boarding - Dog Daycare

Richland Animal Hospital has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, professional service, and compassionate ethical care. A talented, well trained team is the key to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile it takes to ensure your pet is healthy, happy, and safe.

Our hospital guarantees a level of care and peace-of-mind that is matchless. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and have a long, successful history of providing a happy, healthy environment for your companion. We’ve focused on improving pet care in Richland since 2002.

Give your beloved pet the highest quality care with our indoor/outdoor dog daycare facility and boarding kennels with internet web-cam viewing. For cats we offer windowed cat condos viewing outside into the woods and at bird feeders. Get the added benefit of our “Commitment Assurance” which provides boarding and daycare guests with veterinary care at no additional charge.

We invite you to stop by to take a tour and meet the staff. See how our services can fit your pet’s needs. You can count on us to do everything we can to make your pet’s time with us safe, comfortable, and fun. Stop by and see the difference.


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